questions about baptism?

Baptism isn’t required for salvation - but it is the next step of faith for believers. Baptism is commanded of all believers and is for believers only. Christian baptism by immersion in water is a public identification with Jesus Christ and is symbolic of His death, burial, and resurrection.

What it Baptism?

The outward, public expression of an inward, private change. It is the first step of obedience in following Christ, showing that a believer has been buried with Christ and raised again for the forgiveness of their sins. Since obedience is the main thrust behind baptism, the People of Mars Hill strive to be as authentic to the practice as possible. For this reason, we believe baptism involves for things:

› The right person – a follower of Jesus.

› The right reason – obedience and declaration of your faith in Christ.

› The right method – immersion (completely underwater)

› The right authority – a local Christian church that believes the Bible is God's authoritative word (Ac 2:41–47)

Who can be baptized?

Any person who has made a decision to be a follower of Jesus can be baptized. This person understands his or her own sinfulness and trusts that Jesus' sacrifice alone is sufficient for their salvation.

Why should I get baptized? 

Scripture gives us three reasons to be baptized. First, Jesus commands us (Mt 28:19). Second, to follow Jesus' example who was baptized himself as an example for us to follow. If Jesus, in his perfection, would be baptized, then how much more should we (Mt 3:16)? Third, to be a picture or testimony to others of what Jesus has done in your life. When you are baptized, it allows others to celebrate what Christ has done for you and identify you as a Christian. When you are taken beneath the water, it symbolizes the burial of your old life of sin and selfishness. When you come out of the water, it symbolizes your new life in Christ (Rm 6:3–4).

Is baptism required for salvation?

No. Baptism is an act of obedience, not the conveyor of saving grace. Salvation is my grace alone through faith alone. Baptism is an outward expression that God's grace has changed your life.