mars hill adoption fund

An estimated 153 million orphans world-wide are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness and are in need of love, care, and protection. To many Christian families, adoption costs of $20-30K seem “financially impossible”. This can result in orphans missing out on Christ-honoring forever families.


God expects His people (the Church) to care for those in need. We believe that God wants to use the People of Mars Hill as a part of the financial provision for adoption. That's why Mars Hill is establishing a Church Adoption Fund. This fund will potentially provide matching grants and zero percent interest loans to those church members who qualify through an application process.


There are millions of children waiting for forever families who would like to adopt them, but cannot because of the financial barrier. By helping to reduce that barrier, we are helping to rescue those children who are trapped in the cycle of orphan life, bringing them to homes, where children are loved, cared for, and discipled to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.


If you would like to contribute to this fund please click the "donate" link at the bottom of the page and safely and securely donate using PayPal.